just my opinion:

My Rants

Driving in the Wrong Lane:

State of Alabama Law (and most other states):  

"Upon all roadways of sufficient width a vehicle shall be driven upon the right half of the roadway"

I say 

"If cars are passing you on your right, you are in the wrong lane"

Why do some people insist on driving in the left lane on a four lane highway?  Even if there are no other cars around, they will travel in the left lane.  Not only is this against the law, it is unsafe!  If a safe driver comes along, they know they should pass you on the left, but cannot if you are in the left lane.  This forces them to break the law and to pass you on the right.  Traveling in the right lane also keeps you further from the oncoming traffic, this is where you should want to be. There are Highway signs indicating "Slower traffic keep right"

Realize that it is not your job to keep people from speeding!!!

Correct Driving:

When there are two or more lanes going in one direction on any given highway, a driver who wishes to pass a car in the right lane should merge slowly and safely into the left lane. Then accelerate a safe distance past the car they wish to pass, and merge back into the lane from which they came. If you have spent more than ten minutes in a car on a road, you know a lot of folks graced with the privilege of a driverís license have trouble following this law. 

Some mindless idiots are unaware of the entire process. These idiots are what this is all about.  Stupidity is abundant in this world. As I thought this rant out, I came to realize that the same people who are bad drivers on the road tend to be bad drivers in life. Some donít play well with others. Some operate too aggressively. Still others donít have common sense, or simply donít make sense.

It is hard to avoid these folks, but you can choose the way you deal with them. You have a choice in the method by which you can pull ahead of them in life, and realize that the best revenge is living well, not road rage.


Drive Thru:

Why can't a fast food drive thru get the order correct?  Do they do this to us on purpose?  It seems more often than not there is something wrong in my order.  Even if they repeat it back to you and it is wrong, they usually trip their headset off, not allowing you to correct them.  You can sit there as long as you wish, they will not answer.  You will have to wait your time to get to the window, tell them your correct order, and wait for them to redo your order.  It is like sending your food back inside a restaurant, what do they do with it to get back at you.  Even if they repeat it back correctly, it is a roll of the dice if it will be correct or not.  As much as it will slow the line down, we need to check inside the bag, before we move on, to see what we are getting.  If you like surprises, Just drive on without checking.  

Also,  I usually do not care what people look like, but the people greeting us at the window would help make our food more appealing if they had all of their teeth or at least brush them.


more to come!